1. #tbt to #Porto, #Portugal

  2. #throwback to that time I went to a #bullfight in #Madrid #tbt (at Las Ventas de Retamosa, Spain)

  3. All my friends went to Oktoberfest without me (I had to work & I went last week so it ain’t all bad)

  4. Tried to get the #dirndl .. I had no full mirror so this is all I could get

  5. First time I’m ever doing this but uh … #blessed // #Oktoberfest bitches (at Oktoberfest)

  6. Beers as big as you head!! #Oktoberfest #TheRealOne @robertnelsonsnyder (at Oktoberfest)

  7. #DorothyParker is my favorite fucking author. #truth

  8. I’m having a huge “I miss you” moment for my best friend right now so I’m dedicating #wcw to her. Most folks only see that rocking bod and gorgeous face but underneath it all is the loveliest personality and most hilarious person I know. I love and miss you @soriahfox. Not a day goes by when I don’t laugh at a memory of us. ❌⭕️💋

  9. Basic bitches stand down with your pumpkin lattes, we drank pumpkin secco

  10. It can be done. I do every single one of these, sometimes in the same day

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